Greenovo hemostatic devices for hospital, EMS/first responders, law enforcement, and military use

Unlike other hemostatic devices, Greenovo products are impregnated with kaolin, a naturally occurring, inorganic mineral (clay derivative).Kaolin has no known allergic or exothermic reactions. Greenovo products are safe and effective, having passed all biocompatibility testing, and do not contain any animal or human-derived proteins or shellfish products.Greenovo is the essential choice for hemorrhage control in a broad range of bleeding situations.
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  • Greenovo Catheter

    The high positive charge from biological activity of polysaccharide material can affect the permeability of bacterial cell walls and inhibit bacteria proliferation,thus forming the wound antibacterial barrier to reduce catheter-related bloodstream infection effectively
    Greenovo Catheter
  • Greenovo Dental

    The biological activity of polysaccharide material would be activated and has strong self-adhesive after blood contact with oral wounds,which can form stable blood clot to cover the wound bed quickly within 60 seconds
    Greenovo Dental
  • Greenovo Piles

    After contact with anorectal wound It would dissolve rapidly and expand into gel , then form a protective film on the surface to avoid external stimuli and effective in relieving mucosa edema, belly pain, etc Meanwhile,It can absorb the inflammatory substances what caused pain in the wound— slow excitation peptide, histamine and so on to ease pain
    Greenovo Piles
  • Greenovo Nasal

    It can rapidly expand and oppressed the bleeding after the absorption of blood osmotic solutions;With strong adaptability, the irregular nasal passages also can be oppressed effectively;The rich positive charge from biological polysaccharide active material can promote rapid agglutination of red blood cells,and form stable blood clots within 60 seconds Dissolving automatically, easy to remove
    Greenovo Nasal