• Rapidly-hemostatic wound dressing as well as preparation method and application

    Date:2015-09-29    Source:Greenovo
    The invention discloses a rapidly-hemostatic wound dressing as well as a preparation method and application thereof The rapidly-hemostatic wound dressing comprises main components of zeolite and water-absorbent resin and is prepared by the following steps of
  • Life Saved With Grenovo® After Tree Trimming Accident

    Date:2015-09-14    Source:Greenovo
    A man who lost his leg in a tree trimming accident is alive, thanks in part to a product that s been added to many ambulances in Montgomery County Ray Leyva, speaking publicly for the first time, tells Eyewitness News he hopes to say thank you one day to the first responders who helped him The 42-year-old was cutting limbs on a tree in Porter last month when a rope broke and a limb crushed his leg
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