GREEPAT BANDAGETM mainly apply to anesthesiology department and post-operation hemostasis invasive artery blood pressure monitoring of ICU.

How does GREEPAT TM BANDAGE stop bleeding?
It uses the combination of physical oppression and biological polysaccharide hemostatic materials to stop bleeding. The memory tape made by special material can provide stable hemostatic pressure, which increases the convenience of operation, and the polysaccharides biomaterials offer safety and comfort at the same time.

What’s the principle of fast bleeding material?
The Poly - N - amino acetyl glucose in chitosan has large quantity of positive charge, it can attract negative charge of red cell and make them gather rapidly to achieve rapid hemostatic effect.

What is biological polysaccharide hemostatic material?
It refers to chitosan bio-materials. It’s a natural biological material with positive charge extracts from the shell of crustacean.

How fast can “stop bleeding fast” be?
According to large experimental data, it can form blood clot in 60s when the blood touches our product.

Will the puncture point form thrombus after touching the chitosan bio-materials?
When chitosan bio-materials contact the blood of puncture point, the blood will flow very slow, by electric charge effect and normal blood coagulation and fibrinolysis system, there will be no thrombus formed. And there is no such report on domestic and overseas documents.

Would Chitosan biomaterial cause allergic reactions and toxic effects ?
The chitosan biomaterials we produce has been processed through supercritical raw material screening technology, getting rid of small molecular weight Poly polysaccharide,protein and endotoxin.The purity can live up to 99%.There is no allergic reaction or toxic effect occurred in clinical use, but people who has allergy to shrimp crab should use with caution.

Do I need to take out GREENOVOR Dental after using It to stop bleeding ?
The GREENOVOR Dental can slowly degrade into gel within 6 hours after using it .It can be spat out when you gargle instead of removing it.

Would I become resistant to GREEPAT TM CATHTER with long-term use?
There is no development of resistance.Chitosan is pure biological product,the Anti-infection principle is different from leantibiotic principle and It would not be affected by antigen antibody.Please feel relieved about usage.

Do I need to bite to stop bleeding after the placement of GREENOVOR Dental?
Not necessary.GREENOVOR Dental is biological polysaccharide rapid hemostatic material.It would stop bleeding after the contact with blood within 60 seconds without additional bite pressure.